D RThe Return to Office trend

August 8th, 2023 6:17 am

It was ten years ago that Jake Goldman taught me the value of remote work. Way before things shut down in 2020, I was collaborating with people from around the globe at 10up. I like to say that at one time I had direct reports on every continent but Antarctica, and I had a penguin I was THIS close to signing.

This recent trend of Return to Office and Hybrid work seems so regressive. I’ve worked with remote teams on major websites and applications, for companies that are household names. Remote work lets me hire the best, most motivated people regardless of where they live. It empowers team members to construct their working environments to the way they work — no one-size-fits-all cubicles or desks. I see diverse teams thrive.

I’ve watched people expand their horizons through international travel. As a parent, remote work lets me stay engaged for longer, while still able to run a fresh pair of clothes over to school when recess gets muddy. That flexibility can be empowering.

This way of working can make my job as a manager challenging in some ways too. But I believe the trade-offs and extra effort on my part are worth it for the quality of life improvements and the tremendous productivity. I hope this trend reverses and companies start to recognizing the value of this 21st century way of working again.

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