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I’ve been passionate about technology for as long as I can remember. Alongside my passion for the advancement of technology itself lies a core value that software and content can empower everyone. Whether it was tinkering with Apple IIs and Commodore 64s as a child or teaching myself to code at an early age, I’ve been fascinated by technology’s ability to bridge gaps and connect people.

When it comes to my teams, I understand engineers are only as efficient as their systems. It’s my belief that teams should be agile about being Agile. As a team leader, I mentor new hires on culture and technical skills that aid in their growth as engineers and collaborators.

A successful team also needs a positive workplace environment where they feel valued, included, and respected as a contributor to all our success. I firmly believe every person should have the opportunity to learn, find community, and experience joy through technology. If something isn’t working, it’s time to innovate our solutions and strike the right balance between oversight, process, and focused programming time.

I’ve managed agile projects through all points in the software life cycle, from initial requirements gathering through to the launch of scalable, award-winning applications across numerous technology stacks. I encourage teams to understand and value the needs of all users, regardless of background, age, or disability, and to reflect that understanding in the things they build. With these factors combined, we can drive growth and success of both the individual and the team while offering endless possibilities for achievement and creative breakthroughs in technology.


Roosevelt University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

“Systems” emphasis included coursework in Computer Architecture and Operating System design. Electives included two classes on networking protocols.

Cornell University eCornell

Certificate, Diversity & Inclusion
April, 2020

Certification & Courses

The Disney Approach to Leadership Excellence

May, 2016

Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)

IAAP - International Association of Accessibility Professionals
December, 2017

Certified Interviewer

Certified Interviewer Institute (Hire Authority)
January, 2018

Scrum Master Accredited Certification

International Scrum Institute
July, 2014


Engineering Manager @ Chewy

January, 2021

Engineering Manager @ Wirecutter (Remote)

January, 2019—January, 2021

Hired to establish a Delivery team responsible for AWS environment upkeep and growth as well as tool building and process improvements. Established on-call rotation (PagerDuty) and set up an “SOS” Slack command for after-hours emergencies. Improved server monitoring and reporting. Oversaw implementation of more agile release workflow and associated tooling changes. Grew team from one engineer to three.

Researched and planned out technical SEO work for H2 2020. Enhanced our newsletter subscription functionality, consolidating logic across diverse systems. Architected enhancements to our Fastly CDN implementation for major uptime improvements. Mentored new hires on our culture, workflows, and tech stack, as well as helping establish a culture which values testing.

Director of Engineering @ 10up (Remote)

June 2013—December, 2018

Oversee 30 distributed engineers on four continents and multiple client engagements including Microsoft, ESPN, Time Magazine, and World Economic Forum. Introduced accessibility review into projects’ Director checkpoint process. Initiated and oversaw development of a Continuous Integration pipeline featuring unit testing, static analysis, visual regression testing, and automated accessibility testing. Developed and evolved 10up’s published Best Practices for WordPress development.


July, 2012—June, 2013

Freelance Drupal and WordPress development for small businesses in the Chicago and Boston metro areas. Designed sites and implemented themes for non-profits.

Lead Developer @ Straight North

June, 2010—June, 2012

Lead Developer @ Xeno Media

November, 2006—June, 2010

Software Developer @ DriveItAway

May, 2005—October, 2006

Software Developer @ Florists Transworld Deliveries (FTD)

March, 2001—April, 2005

Sr. Programmer/Analyst @ gomembers, Inc.

July, 1999—March, 2001

Open Source


Language: Go
Adrian (Frutiger, not Pennino) is a server for hosting web fonts. It scans all the fonts in a directory and automatically generates CSS with @font-face declarations for individual fonts or families. Caching headers are added to all responses so browsers know not to request the same files repeatedly, while CORS and filename obfuscation helps comply with security restrictions in some fonts’ licenses. It lets you serve fonts for your sites from a central location so they’re not sitting in your project’s repo. It also helps prevent you from being a one-stop distribution site for the fonts you paid good money for.

Functional Programming Utils for PHP 5.4+

Language: PHP
Implementation of common Functional Programming constructs in modern PHP.

Catalogopolis API

Language: TypeScript, Node.js
API for retrieving information about Doctor Who episodes, cast, and crew. Written in TypeScript, running on node.js, and featuring REST & GraphQL endpoints. Available at catalogopolis.xyz.

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