D RRemote Work and Fitness

February 1st, 2024 11:21 am

One benefit of remote work that I think gets overlooked is the ability to mix physical fitness with work. I try to make time in the afternoon to get my archery SPTs done. I can read things while I’m active and interact in the rest period between sets. A couple times a week, the fold-out treadmill comes out from under my desk and you can see me bouncing up and down on Zoom calls. The miles go by much faster when I’m distracted with work.

I get my heart pumping and my blood flowing. I think more clearly when I’m up and moving like this. I’m sure the benefits to my health show up in the company’s insurance costs as well.

Trust me, none of you would put up with someone running and panting and sweating in the next cubicle over! These are things I would otherwise need to juggle between work and family time, but now I don’t need to choose. I’ve even inspired teammates over the years to fit fitness into their work routines.

A purple stretch band and black workout gloves laying on a pink and black computer keyboard.

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