D ROn Take-Home Programming Tests

August 5th, 2023 12:23 noon

I think take-home programming tests are great as an option, an alternative to a live coding test. They’re great for accessibility, providing neurodivergent, anxious, or introverted candidates – and others – a chance to shine.

As the sole way of evaluating a candidate’s technical bona fides? They effectively filter out anyone who has to work multiple jobs, care for elders, or care for children. They weed out people involved in activities outside of work: volunteering, social organizations, religious groups, and so on – things that build strength of character. They penalize people already working to improve themselves through education, who now have to squeeze employment tests in alongside homework.

Take home tests are like knives. They can be used to injure people or prepare a meal. Tests can increase candidate diversity. But most often they filter out all but a specific type of candidate, weeding out the diverse voices of what could be your hardest working, most dedicated team members.

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