D RBook Clubs

July 22nd, 2023 10:14 am

I kicked off a Software Engineering Book Club at Grindr yesterday. It was exciting to bring together folks from across our various teams: Web, Cloud Engineering, Android, iOS, Data, and others to chat about software engineering itself. It’s easy to get focused on the minutae of a single platform and the libraries you use. But the big problems we face are universal! That’s why we started with Fred Brooks’ classic The Mythical Man Month, and from the discussion it’s clear the issues Brooks faced are still around fifty years later.

I love book clubs. I’m trying to find time in my life for them. The value isn’t found in the pages of the book you all read, it’s in the discussion, the socialization, and those beautiful tangents people go on. Book clubs build knowledge and connections between people!

Reminder of the day: Book clubs build knowledge & connections.

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